Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome to the Smartphone Station!


Hey gang,

It's 2009, and it's time for all of the cool Windows smartphone themes, apps, games, news, and reviews that you can't seem to find elsewhere. Finally, a site devoted completely to Windows Smartphones and nothing else!

I want smartphone themes, smartphone games, smartphone applications, and anything else my QWERTY keyboard can handle!

Give me totally original homescreen themes that no one else has. Keep the mindless, senseless, pointless games and only tell me about the ones that are actually cool. Give me Today screens that people over the age of sixteen can sport and still keep their dignity. Someone talk about the real life issues involved with the digital revolution and not just tech talk day in and day out.

And PLEASE tell me when there's a good deal in town for an upgrade!

Friends, your dream has come true, and it's here at The Smartphone Station.

Sit back, relax, pull up a chair, and let's increase our productivity and have a good time doing it. If we're going to pay good money for wireless devices and huge data plans, we'd better darn well suck the marrow out of these things.

Now THAT'S smart ;-)

Here's to us,

The Smartphone Station


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