Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pronto Mobile Form Builder For Businesses Going Mobile


I really love smartphone applications that help businesses and professionals do more - especially when they're free! You usually have to pay for games and apps that are truly outstanding, but every now and then you can find a real freeware gem, and this is one.

Pronto eliminates the need for paper forms with real-time capture and reporting using BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. Common processes like inspections, audits, surveys and work orders that normally require field workers to carry and submit paper forms can now be done from any smartphone with Pronto installed.

Features include:

* Create mobile forms without programming or coding
* Capture information on your mobile device
* Enter data with intuitive form controls:
* - Drop Down Lists
* - Radio Buttons
* - Check Box
* Collect information whether on-line and off-line
* Report plus view/export data in common formats (CSV, XML, PDF)
* Manage Projects with simple controls for users, devices and forms
* Automatically manage communication and battery

Pronto can be used to collect and transmit any information set you need, from surveys to sales orders - get your team more organized and reduce your paper waste by integrating Pronto into your mobile workforce :-)

Download Pronto Build Your Own Forms v1.1


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