Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Smartphone Theme - My List


Are you super organized (or just enjoy appearing to be)? You'll love this modern theme - the color scheme is crisp and cool, and the format is clean and simple. So, you can show a little personality without being too trendy. Very cool :-)

This theme is strictly for Windows Mobile devices with 240x320 resolution screens.

Download the My List Theme here.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Smartphone Theme - Day Drive


As promised, here is the daytime version of my driving theme - cool huh? Maybe I just love road trips more than the average person, but I tell you, this is a feel-good smartphone theme IMHO. So, I hope the bright orange sunrise will help to lift your spirits :-)

Download Day Drive for 320x240 resolution screen devices.

>> See download agreement in the right sidebar <<

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Smartphone Theme - Night Drive


This theme is one of my favorites, especially because I am a highway driver. I just love night drives, so this theme is very calming for me. Even if you prefer day driving (a theme with that motif is coming soon), this is a cool way to give your home screen a little extra something.

That is, if you are using a Windows Mobile device with a landscape screen :-)

As you can see, because of the way the image is designed, I could only produce this theme for 320x240 screens. However, as a Samsung Blackjack II user, I may be a teeny weeny bit biased ;-)

Download Night Drive for 320x240 resolution screen

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Using Your Smartphone To Help Run Your Home Business - Part One


Home business owners sometimes don't realize the power in having a Windows-based smartphone as part of their technological arsenal. Since the home is also the office, it seems that a laptop and/or desktop are enough. However, there is a gap that can only be bridged by 100% absolute mobility, and a laptop is still pretty big and clunky. The new "netbooks" are smaller, but underpowered and unnecessesary for most home business owners. So, what do you do when you know that you have tasks to complete and correspondence to send but you're not in your home office?

You use your smartphone :-)

As I write this, I am spending some time with my kids, watching one of our favorite shows. My son is on my lap, and my thumbs are moving at the speed of light. So, we can enjoy family time and I can still knock out some necessary work. Sure, only a work-a-holic would think that was good, but I have to b a work-a-holic; I'm a work-at-home mom! There are never enough hours in the day, and sometimes I have to wear many hats at once.

My smartphone makes that possible.

Although I don't do a lot of travelling, I still get a lot of use out of my Windows Mobile smartphone here at the house. And of course, when I am away, I use it to check email and reply to messages on various websites. I even get to do a great deal of social networkingon sites like Twitter and Facebook.

See what I mean?

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and you realize that you might not be getting enough usage out of your Windows Mobile smartphone, stick around - this blog is exactly what you need to get up to speed!


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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Do I Really Want the Windows Mobile 6.5 Upgrade When It Arrives?


If I had to make a decision right now, I would say no. I am extremely happy with Windows Mobile 6.1, and from what I have seen so far of it, it doesn't look like I'll be jumping on that bandwagon. Windows Mobile 6.1 is a genuine upgrade from 6.0, improving the user experience while retaining the ease of use and organization that I so love about smartphones in general. This new user interface, although it may not be the final draft, uses a mystical honeycomb format that I think is more about fashion than function.

And it's not all that cute, in my humble opinion.

While the rest of the world is ooh-ing and aah-ing over Windows Mobile 6.5 whenever it does drop (supposedly in Q3 of this year), I think I'll go out for a coffee or something. Maybe Windows Mobile 7 will get back to business and out of Minority Report. I don't know...

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Smartphone Theme - Golden (Animated)


I only made this one for 320x240 screens for what I believe to be obvious reasons. However, there are more animated themes coming soon, and they will be for as many resolutions as each design looks good on, you know? Jill Scott sings about 'living your life like it's golden', so I want to encourage smartphone users who do to keep on doing it. It's a great philosophy, and I think this is a great smartphone theme.

However, in order to install the .cab file properly, you have to have the Madbeetle animation plugin, which is available RIGHT HERE. There is a free trial, but I'm sure you'll want to go ahead and shell out the couple bucks it costs to get the full plugin so you can download all the new free animated smartphone themes here as they become available!

Download the Madbeetle animation plugin.

Download the Golden theme for 320x240 resolution screens.

>> See download agreement in the right sidebar <<

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Smartphone Theme - Heart Sky


This one is a little girly, but in a subtle way. I love a calming sky, and when you look closely, you see that the clouds from a perfectly charming heart right in the middle of your screen.

How cool!

Download the .cab file that corresponds with your phone's screen dimensions:

HeartSky 320x240
HeartSky 240x320
HeartSky 240x240
HeartSky 176x220

>> See download agreement in the right sidebar <<

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pronto Mobile Form Builder For Businesses Going Mobile


I really love smartphone applications that help businesses and professionals do more - especially when they're free! You usually have to pay for games and apps that are truly outstanding, but every now and then you can find a real freeware gem, and this is one.

Pronto eliminates the need for paper forms with real-time capture and reporting using BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. Common processes like inspections, audits, surveys and work orders that normally require field workers to carry and submit paper forms can now be done from any smartphone with Pronto installed.

Features include:

* Create mobile forms without programming or coding
* Capture information on your mobile device
* Enter data with intuitive form controls:
* - Drop Down Lists
* - Radio Buttons
* - Check Box
* Collect information whether on-line and off-line
* Report plus view/export data in common formats (CSV, XML, PDF)
* Manage Projects with simple controls for users, devices and forms
* Automatically manage communication and battery

Pronto can be used to collect and transmit any information set you need, from surveys to sales orders - get your team more organized and reduce your paper waste by integrating Pronto into your mobile workforce :-)

Download Pronto Build Your Own Forms v1.1

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

How Much Work Can You Really Do From a Smartphone?


I suspect that readers of this blog are using Windows smartphones to do everything but cook dinner and put the kids to bed. So, you're here looking to get tools and tips that will help you get the most out of your smartphone. Very cool. The question then becomes a matter of how much real work can you reasonably complete on a cell phone? Are we fooling ourselves? Can these things really improve productivity?

The answer is yes, my friends! If you have the right applications and you keep your Windows Mobile OS up to date, you can do most anything from a smartphone.

I'm posting to this blog from my Samsung Blackjack II :-)

Microsoft Mobile Office allows you to manage real files and correspondence as if on a PC, which has saved my butt before when weather conditions interrupted my main internet connection and I had paid projects to deliver!

Plus, now, with Windows Mobile 6.1, even branded phones can use Internet Sharing to get an ad hoc broadband connection on a laptop or desktop computer!

So, I am doing more and more to find the absolute must-have apps for total smartphone workflow integration. The first and foremost is the Skyfire mobile web browser, available at This free browser gives you REAL internet, and it's a LIFESAVER! There is only so much that mobile sites can do, so when I need to check my detailed PayPal statement and create an invoice, I can't count on Internet Explorer - they only allow PayPal Mobile.

Get my drift?

This blog will discuss smartphone productivity a LOT, so be looking for those posts. In the meantime, download Skyfire if you haven't already and tell us what you think of it!

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Smartphone Theme - DigiWorld


This one looks particularly good on black devices; very professional, with universal appeal. This Today screen is streamlined and subtly cool.

Download the .cab file that corresponds with your phone's screen dimensions:

DigiWorld 320x240
DigiWorld 240x320
Digiworld 240x240
DigiWorld 176x220

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Welcome to the Smartphone Station!


Hey gang,

It's 2009, and it's time for all of the cool Windows smartphone themes, apps, games, news, and reviews that you can't seem to find elsewhere. Finally, a site devoted completely to Windows Smartphones and nothing else!

I want smartphone themes, smartphone games, smartphone applications, and anything else my QWERTY keyboard can handle!

Give me totally original homescreen themes that no one else has. Keep the mindless, senseless, pointless games and only tell me about the ones that are actually cool. Give me Today screens that people over the age of sixteen can sport and still keep their dignity. Someone talk about the real life issues involved with the digital revolution and not just tech talk day in and day out.

And PLEASE tell me when there's a good deal in town for an upgrade!

Friends, your dream has come true, and it's here at The Smartphone Station.

Sit back, relax, pull up a chair, and let's increase our productivity and have a good time doing it. If we're going to pay good money for wireless devices and huge data plans, we'd better darn well suck the marrow out of these things.

Now THAT'S smart ;-)

Here's to us,

The Smartphone Station

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