Sunday, January 11, 2009

How Much Work Can You Really Do From a Smartphone?


I suspect that readers of this blog are using Windows smartphones to do everything but cook dinner and put the kids to bed. So, you're here looking to get tools and tips that will help you get the most out of your smartphone. Very cool. The question then becomes a matter of how much real work can you reasonably complete on a cell phone? Are we fooling ourselves? Can these things really improve productivity?

The answer is yes, my friends! If you have the right applications and you keep your Windows Mobile OS up to date, you can do most anything from a smartphone.

I'm posting to this blog from my Samsung Blackjack II :-)

Microsoft Mobile Office allows you to manage real files and correspondence as if on a PC, which has saved my butt before when weather conditions interrupted my main internet connection and I had paid projects to deliver!

Plus, now, with Windows Mobile 6.1, even branded phones can use Internet Sharing to get an ad hoc broadband connection on a laptop or desktop computer!

So, I am doing more and more to find the absolute must-have apps for total smartphone workflow integration. The first and foremost is the Skyfire mobile web browser, available at This free browser gives you REAL internet, and it's a LIFESAVER! There is only so much that mobile sites can do, so when I need to check my detailed PayPal statement and create an invoice, I can't count on Internet Explorer - they only allow PayPal Mobile.

Get my drift?

This blog will discuss smartphone productivity a LOT, so be looking for those posts. In the meantime, download Skyfire if you haven't already and tell us what you think of it!


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