Sunday, January 25, 2009

Using Your Smartphone To Help Run Your Home Business - Part One


Home business owners sometimes don't realize the power in having a Windows-based smartphone as part of their technological arsenal. Since the home is also the office, it seems that a laptop and/or desktop are enough. However, there is a gap that can only be bridged by 100% absolute mobility, and a laptop is still pretty big and clunky. The new "netbooks" are smaller, but underpowered and unnecessesary for most home business owners. So, what do you do when you know that you have tasks to complete and correspondence to send but you're not in your home office?

You use your smartphone :-)

As I write this, I am spending some time with my kids, watching one of our favorite shows. My son is on my lap, and my thumbs are moving at the speed of light. So, we can enjoy family time and I can still knock out some necessary work. Sure, only a work-a-holic would think that was good, but I have to b a work-a-holic; I'm a work-at-home mom! There are never enough hours in the day, and sometimes I have to wear many hats at once.

My smartphone makes that possible.

Although I don't do a lot of travelling, I still get a lot of use out of my Windows Mobile smartphone here at the house. And of course, when I am away, I use it to check email and reply to messages on various websites. I even get to do a great deal of social networkingon sites like Twitter and Facebook.

See what I mean?

If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and you realize that you might not be getting enough usage out of your Windows Mobile smartphone, stick around - this blog is exactly what you need to get up to speed!



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